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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Feb. 4 2008

Hey Fam!
Hey how are you all? I’m doing good. This last week has been a really good one but it ended disappointingly.
Elder Warr is going to Staten Island and I’ll be going to Rego Park. (that is where the mission office is). I’m sad that I couldn't have stayed here for a while, but I’ll still be in the same zone, and Rego is between Woodside and Jamaica so it’s not a far move. I’m going to be companions with Elder Imlay, and Elder Bailey was his trainer. So I’m excited to serve with him and work hard. Elder bailey served two transfers with me in Jamaica. So I’ll have to write more next week about that. But there are tons of Mexicans over there. So I’m excited.
This last Monday we past by Sandra one of our investigators and then we were headed back to Astoria and, a thought came to my mind that we should knock a certain building so I told Elder Warr that we should should go knock it and that we were going to find someone to baptize in it. So we went to the building and went to the top floor and said a prayer asking for guidance that we can find this person that is going to get baptized. We said the prayer pick a door and knocked it, no one answered, so we prayed and then picked a door to knock and the person was not interested. We did this on the fifth, fourth, third floor with no one opening the door. Then a guy opened the door and we told him where we were from and that we wanted to share a message. He told us that all religions are crocks! Told us to leave and slammed the door. I thought oh man that was the person that needed us! So we went to the 1st floor and prayed and knock...nothing! And we both knew that that building had someone that needed our message. Elder Warr had the idea to go outside through the back door and we proceed through a dark alley and around the corner in the basement was a door and there was some lights on so we staying in this alley said another prayer and knocked. The door opened and this Mexican opens the door. And before we could open our mouths he says come in its cold. And me and Warr were so surprised. We began talking to him and we told him that he was the person that we have been praying about and that we had an important message that God send us here to share. He accepted to hear us and we sat down on and began to teach the first lesson and the spirit was there words flowed out of both our mouths and we told him about the restoration and that he needs to be baptized and become a member of the church and change his life. He asked him to be baptized and he accepted a date for the 17 of February. we passed by the next day gave him a book of Mormon and he immediately started reading it and we talked about the people in the Americas before Christ’s time and he loved it and he said wow this makes so much sense! And it was a powerful lesson again. Elder Warner and Elder Speirs are going to be here and they are going to continue teaching Javier Sanchez (the guy in the story)
So I was really excited for him and all the other great investigators that we found. But we are changing! I know that I will be able to find amazing people in Rego and I’m not going to be district leader too. So I’ll be able to concentrate more on me and my companion. This last transfer I had to go on a lot of exchanges.
I love you all and hope everything is going great!
Love Russ