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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jan. 28 2008

Hey Family!
How's everything going? This week has flown by so fast to be honest we didn't have that great of a week, we worked hard but didn't have too many lessons, but Sunday we had two investigators in church and I don't know if I told you about Primitivo he came from the Bronx again and he seems to like church, he stayed for all three hours, and he is moving down here so he is going to be in our area so we can now baptize him. Its funny because out of all the people I talk to on the train he was the one I least expected to come. Also Karmen and a friend came yesterday and she actually lives close to us and we have an appointment with her this Tuesday.
So the passing of Gordon B Hinckley was pretty rough for us. Well at least for me. It’s going to be different having another prophet. I can vaguely remember President Hunter. I know that Gordon B Hinckley waited a long time to be able to be with his wife again. He was a great man.
Yesterday was the birthday of my companion so I called up a member that always gives us food and loves having us over and she threw together a party in one days notice and I think he was surprised. It was good because he seemed a little bit bummed.
So I’m going to have a niece! I’m way excited to hear that and I am told being a Walston was a boy thing! I saw the pictures of everyone on the blogspot and it was cute to see all the growth that Ben and Talon and Henry are making. It looked like you had some fun times at the cabin.
I got the missionary mall shoes and socks and I’m very grateful for the work that you put in to get them to me! Transfers are next Tuesday so it will be interesting to see whats going to happen. Oh yeah and I got a call from the zone leaders here and I guess we have to find a new apartment and be moved out and into it in three days! Yeah well I was surprised and we could always live in the gym for a while! I guess we have to start looking for an apartment!
I love you all so much and I hope everything is going great!
Love, Russ