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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jan. 7 2008

Hey! How is everyone doing?
I’m doing great here in Woodside! I can believe that 2008 is here as well its crazy to think that I have been out for almost fifteen months! Josh told me that he is hitting his 18 mark in a couple days! Crazy!! So I have so amazing news. Santos Ramirez from Jamaica got baptized yesterday! Elder Valdez and I set everything up and Elder Valdez and Elder Johnson (he was in the MTC with me) baptized him! It made me really happy and he has wanted to get baptized for a bit! I’m sure his wife and daughter are really happy with him!
So we are working with a guy named Guillermo Holguin and he has a date for the 27th and he has stopped drinking and is quitting smoking. I told him about the story with Aureliano and he really liked it I’m going to see if one of these days he can come up here and talk with him. The ward here is really missionary oriented and they are so amazing with the investigators that we bring; they all are so welcoming and really help us out with our work.
Also we are working with a couple Martin and Daisy. Martin is a less active member and Daisy is investigating the church. Elder War and I had a really powerful lesson with her last week and it was amazing to feel the spirit. We committed her to read and then pray and she did! The next day I called her and asked her how it went and she said she felt so peaceful almost as if we were there! Saturday we committed her to baptism and she felt like she wasn't prepared so we committed her to pray for the 3rd of February, and she said she did and felt really good about it and we are going to pass by this Tuesday night with some members. She has the support of her husband. She didn't come yesterday because she was really sick. I’m really excited for her though she is amazing and always does the assignments we give her. They have two really cute kids as well.
So we were doing some contacting close by the projects and I started talking to this guy, he was some born again Christian or something like that. And we had a conversation and (mostly him talking and not listening to us) and out of no where he starts praying for us and blessing us and saying all these weird things. And afterward I just thought to my self "if he only knew he doesn't have the power to do that”. There are so many crazy beliefs out here. So many people don't even understand the apostasy. I’m so grateful that I some what understand it. The church justs makes so much sense!
It’s good to hear that Grandma is doing better, along with the whole family as well! It sounds like this month is going to be really busy for everyone! That’s way exciting to hear the Call family is growing! Tell them hi for me! Mike should be getting home soon right? Crazy!
There is so much work to do here! There are some people that are ready for the gospel and it’s always the people you never expect. I’m so amazed with Guillermo and the will he has to change his life; he literally is doing just like Aureliano did. The gospel is a gospel of change and if it can straighten out alcoholics and smokers, it can sure help me! I’m so grateful for all that you do I love you all so much and hope that everything goes well!
Love Russ