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Monday, December 31, 2007

Dec. 31 2007


Transfers were a little hectic and it’s always crazy to get to a new area and try to start over again. Woodside is amazing the church is huge and they have a huge gym. There are so many members here its crazy and there are definitely a lot more Spanish people. A lot!

It was hard saying goodbye to a lot of the members in Jamaica, but it will be good to see them, because every now and then there are big stake activities and the members from the whole stake come.

A little more about my area, we live right next to Manhattan and we have a good view of all the huge buildings, the area that I live in is Astoria and the church we have to take two trains to get down to the church but it gives a lot of time to talk to people on the trains. my second day here I was standing on the train stop and I met a persons that was investigating the church in dyer and she use to live exactly in front of the church there, but she moved away and we never heard anything about her. Anyways she lives here in Astoria with a friend and I got here address and phone number and we are going to pass by this week. It’s crazy out of 9 million people you can run into someone you know, she was impressed because I still remembered her name.

We are working with a guy called Guillermo Holguin he is in his sixties and he is a recovering alcoholic and he should get baptized on the 27th of January and he is going to need a lot of work. We have some other families and pretty good investigators to work with here as well.

It’s good that everyone got to go to powder horn, that is a fun place and I bet everyone had a blast.

I send off the memory card and you should have already received it, I took some pictures of my socks and shoes to get the warrantee. That would be nice to get that.

It was great to talk to you all I hope everything is still well and that you are all safe!

Love Russ