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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jan. 14 2008

How is everyone doing? My week went by really quick and we had a really effective week. We have a lot of investigators and have a lot of contacts we have to look up. We ride trains all the time and we have been able to contact a good amount through that.
We had two new cool guys come to church yesterday, both I fearlessly approached on the train and I was so surprised that they came. One came from the Bronx! The other one lives around here. People always tell you that they will come to church and it always surprises you when they do. Guillermo is making a lot of progress he is a very intelligent man. He is very friendly and bold and he has a lot of friends in the church already. He hasn't drunk alcohol since the weekend I got here and he still smokes a little and drinks a little of coffee. He will be baptized the 27th of this month. Also we have a part member family that we are working with and the wife Daisy is quitting coffee and has really opened her self to us and we are trying for the 3rd of February for her baptism. There are so many people to work with here.
Santos called me last night to tell me that he was confirmed and I could tell that he was so happy, he is a very bottled up person and at his baptisms he cried and he is so happy now. Also Aureliano is doing good and he wants to come up here to visit so he will come this Saturday and we are planning to have a lesson with him and Guillermo and then after we are going to get lunch. It was really nice to talk to them both last night and it made me really happy. It’s all worth it when you feel the gratitude that they have for the missionaries.
Thank you so much for getting the garments and shoes/socks sent off. It will be nice to have new socks with out holes in them!
It sounds like everyone is staying really busy down there. That means that you all are up to good things I guess. I’m really happy to hear that grandma is doing better! And nice job ashy on your two wins! Preston as well!
I’m sure dad is staying busy with all the classes he is taking, and I’m jealous about no going to the Klondike in mountain shadows! It should be really fun up there. Is there a lot of snow up there? This last week was way nice and warm, but now its getting cold again! I’m enjoying myself and really trying to work hard! I love you all so much!
Love Russ