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Sunday, April 20, 2008

March 24, 2008

Hey family
Wow the death of Rick Wrinkler has hit me really hard. I can remember a lot of scout trips with him and including the time he took Josh and me to Brighton to go skiing. I would really like to have their address so I can write Geri and their family a letter. Death is hard but the atonement and the plan of salvation really make it a lot easier to understand and deal with it. That’s crazy.
So this last week has been pretty normal we hit goals again and we have bumped Junior’s Baptism for the 6th of April that is a very good day to do it. There have been so many great things that have happened on the 6th of April, the birth, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the restoration of the church as well. So I think that it would be a good day to get baptized! I’m really excited for him and he is such a stud, his prayers and attitude of life have really changed.
Also we got a date with Luis Rojas and his wife Belem for the 13th of April. And we found this part family that the wife wants to join the church and raise her kids in it. They have to get married but they won’t have any problems with that because both of them have never been married before. I’m really excited for that!
I did get the package and thank you so much I appreciate it and I got it yesterday so it came on time! That’s funny what that guy didn’t say about Jamaica; we actually are going to go down there today to buy some hats. It’s quite the place, if I ever take you all there maybe we could just drive through it!
Bummer about the damage on the truck, built ford tough I guess, one puny little deer isn’t a match for a F250 Ford! The suburban is pretty tough as well! I saw a guy riding a bike get hit by a car and he rolled of the car and laid on the ground for a second got up and picked up his hat and continued on his way. I could imagine how it feels to be hit by a Ford truck!
I’m glad to hear that Kendall is dating someone that’s great for him. He has to watch out for those Parawon girls I hear they are like them Beaver girls :)
That’s too bad about Stephen Harmison, my roommate Eric Panicke use to have huge panic attacks (the last name does go with that) and it was really bad but they got him on some kind of medicine and he is doing fine he is serving in Minnesota. I have faith that Stephen will be able to return on the mission. He is a good kid.
I’m glad to hear that Grandma is doing good. It sounds like you all keep having fun with out me snowboarding and all that fun stuff! You only have about seven more months to be crazy and then you can be normal and boring when I get back!
I love you all and hope that everything is going great. Please give my consolations to the Winkler family.
Love Russ