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Sunday, April 20, 2008

February 25, 2008

This week went by really quick, every week it seems like it just goes faster and faster! This last week we hit president’s goals again. (Not too many missionaries hit them) so we have two baptisms for this next Sunday, Jose Vargas and Pamela Cruz. Next week we have Humberto Cruz that could be baptized and the week after we have Rumaldo Sanchez that wants to get baptized. Humberto and Rumaldo need a lot of work but I have the faith that they will make great members.
The story with Rumaldo is that he works like crazy and has his free day on Wednesday and he could only meet with us on Wednesday. So the week before we taught him and tried committing him for baptism he said no because he had to work Sundays and couldn't make it to church. So we had a great lesson on keeping the Sabbath day holy and having faith to ask his boss for Sundays off and he said he would try and he did! He has a lot of faith and is very willing. For an immigrant to ask for work off when work for them is very scarce takes a lot of faith! He is going to need to be taught a lot but I’m sure that he can take the right steps to get baptized.
Last night I called Giovanni Luna and he is now 10 and I talked to him for a long time and told me that I’m his favorite missionary and when I called he was reading his scriptures. Which made me super happy, also I talked to his mom and she and her husband since the baptism have completely reactivated and they are planning to be sealed in the temple soon. If they go I could go to that as well. It made me really happy to talk to them and I know that I had an affect in their lives. I've been seeing the blessings from my labors. The church can change the lives of so many people. It’s such an exciting time to be a missionary. Thank you for all the support you gave me to go on a mission.
The Lord has been blessing us so much here. We have so many great people to work with we started to teach a huge Mexican family and they are so excited to hear us.
It sounds like you all have been having fun. Ashy with her basketball game and all the grandbabies make it worth it! I’m excited to see all them in 8 months! I bought some Jordan basketball sures so I’m going to be practicing so I can beat Ashlyn when I get home.!!
That’s so crazy that Mike is home already! I can't believe it some people from my grade will be coming home!
I'm glad I'm not getting married for a while! I’m going to have to live in the garage for at least 10 years and now that you have that big screen I'm sure I’ll feel right at home! :)
That is awesome that Kendall is Elder Quorum President! He will do a great job! That should help him to know his ward and I’m sure all the relief society girls will want to date him! I love you all ! I appreciate all the letters and everything.
Love, Russ