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Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 14, 2007

Hey family!
How is everything going? Things have been pretty good here. Yesterday we had the confirmation of Junior and Rumaldo. They were both really happy to be members of the church. They both are amazing people and they have changed a lot since I have met them. This upcoming week we have Luis and Belem planned to get baptized. But he had to work yesterday so he didn’t come. He knows the book of Mormon is true and he prefers to read it than finish his other book that he only has three more chapters left. He understands a lot and he will probably get baptized this week and we will help his wife get baptized after. We can always teach him but it’s hard to teach her because she works from 11 to 9.
We passed by Jose Delgado the kid that elder Imlay and I baptized last transfer and he has already ready 400 pages in the book of Mormon. He reads on the train ride to work, at work and he is doing amazingly he will get the priesthood soon and is such a stud!
I called Kelvin Vargas last night and he is doing amazingly as well he goes to early morning seminary in Jamaica and loves it. He is such a strong convert. He amazes me!
Last week Aureliano came up and visited Elder Valdez and I and he talked to junior and it really helped him. He seemed so happy and the gospel really has helped him so much.
Kerin Freire from Dyker sent me a pillow case that says I love my missionary. It made me laugh, but it was good because I needed another pillow case. Being a missionary is worth it when you can see the changes in the people that you teach and how they love you. Serving a mission has been such a blessing! It’s been one of the best choices of my life.
Thank you all for the support that you give me and I consider myself one of the most blessed kids around.
It has been warming up and we are out of suits now. It’s nice to be able to walk around in slacks and a white shirt. I’m not too excited for the humid summer though. Mom can you send me some mesh garments at least 4-5 tops, and some Frito bean dip I would appreciate that.
It’s always exciting to hear how the family is doing. It sounds like everyone is busy in doing their own little things. Tell Kendall to get married! Ha-ha I’m sure everyone is saying that.
I know this last six months are going to go by way fast. And I’m excited because I feel like they are going to be the most effective of my mission. I’m glad dad taught me how to work, because hard work really does pay off! It’s good that Preston can do wood and learn how to work like his dad.!
How are Grandma Walston and Grandpa Jessup? Tell them hi for me! And that I love them. Tell the whole family hi and I love them. I hope everything is going great and that everyone is safe!
Love, Russ