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Sunday, April 20, 2008

March 3, 2008

Hey familia!
How is everything going in good ole Utah? It sounds like things are going great! There was a lot of good news, which makes me happy to hear. Ollie Knutson will be missed he was a good man. I remember going to the Knutson’s shop and he was always there cracking a joke and really made everyone laugh. Yesterday we had two baptisms, and it seems to me that we did it in one the hardest ways possible. We had Pamela Gualdo's baptism in the morning at twelve a clock and then we baptized Jose Delgado after church. We had a big day at church we got there at 10 and left about at six! The services were amazing and our new commit Rumaldo surprised us and came and went to 3 hours of church and then he to the baptism and had a really spiritual time, during one of the songs he started to cry a little bit. And this last week we found this new investigator knocking that is amazing. We have about 10 progressing investigators and we are having a lot of success. Being transferred here was a blessing in disguise and things are really going great.
This past week we had to move from Jackson heights and now we are living one street away from the church in Woodside. So we are living out of our area by two train stops and it’s actually really not as inconvenient as I thought it would be. Our new apartment is smaller but a lot nicer too. And plus we can play basketball in the church since we are so close. Where is Carson Dalton serving? Daniel Johnson? And anyone else? It seems like everyone is going everywhere. That’s amazing that Caitlin is baptized. It’s amazing how much the gospel will help them. It’s what they need.
I’m really happy here and it’s starting to warm up a bit, I love you all sooo much and good luck with everything!
Love, Russ